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  • Headquarters address: No.1571, tianchen road, jinan high-tech zone,National high-tech development zone
  • Parking equipment manufacturing base: tianchen street,jinan high-tech zone,Tianchen industrial park
  • "tianchen intelligent garage" industrial park,no. 1,YuChengShi high-tech development zon,shandong province
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  • National sales service hotline:400 0534 812

Shandong Tianchen intelligent parking equipment limited company belongs to Ji'nan Tianchen Group Co., Ltd., is a large manufacturing base Ji'nan Tianchen Group Co., the company invested heavily in Shandong established in Yucheng high tech Zone of the world's largest professional manufacturer of parking equipment. Park area of 243 acres, 16 square meters. Tianchen make full use of their capital and technology, and a variety of CNC machinery industry experience, will realize the material, two processing, welding, surface treatment, all the assembly process pipeline operations, greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality.Tianchen interested in .....[MORE]